Do you want to take a trip to the Caribbean but you just don’t know how you’re ever going to afford it? Don’t worry because in this article I’ll go over all the basics including cheap hotels, easy travel methods, inexpensive or even free attractions, and the best food you can get on a budget. Buckle up because we’re going to the Caribbean. Cheap Hotels First things first, you’ll need to decide where you’re staying. After all, a trip to the caribbean doesn’t do you any good unless you actually have a place to drop your luggage and return after an action packed day of sight-seeing. Xtabi Resort The Xtabi Resort is a great little place in Negril, Jamaica that offers excellent customer service. The place stays clean, the staff love what they do, and the food is delicious. What’s even more satisfying is that it’s really cheap which should make the man in the family happy as those little elves who make the Rice Krispy treats. Harmony Suites Harmony Suites is just what you need if you’re wanting to get away from your hectic lifestyle and just relax. Harmony Suites is never overcrowded and is maintained by a small staff. Visitors report a “Ma and Pop” air to the place and seem to agree that Harmony Suites was the right choice for both them and their wallets. Cheap Travel Ok, so now you have a residence in mind. Now you need a way to get there and get around once you do. While a cruise may be out of the question unless you won a trip on some sort of radio show, there are plenty of cheap flights to and from the Caribbean that you can snag up at any time. Cheap Plane Trip You can easily pick up a cheap flight to anywhere in the world on Expedia or Travelocity. I would choose the cheapest flights for you and list them here but these deals are subject to change and often do every day. No matter, though, you can easily go on there at any time and choose where you’re leaving from, and where you’re going to and it’ll give you the lastest results from all airports in the area. If you want a quick and easy solution to your travel needs, go to one of those websites. Cheap Car Rentals Once you get there, you’ll need a way to get around. Just go to the front desk at the airport and rent a cheap car from them. Generally, I’d just the cheapest thing they have available. You’re in the Caribbean, for Christ sake, you don’t need a fancy car just to get around for a few days. The airport may offer vehicles with dents or scratches in them, which make the rental fee go down. Just grab whatever you can get so you can be on your way to enjoying everything that the Carribean has to offer. Cheap Attractions So you’re in the Caribbean, now what? The first thing you’ll see on arrival is probably the surfers or the people on jet skis circling the fancy yachts. While you may not be able to do all the fun things you see around you, there are still plenty of opportunities to have some excitement. The Caribbean offers some of the best sight-seeing wonders in the world. The following are some examples of great and inexpensive things that you can do to let loose on your vacation to the Caribbean. El Morro Castle El Morro Castle in El Morro is a breath-taking sight for any tourist. More than 500 years ago, people went about their daily lives in this sturdy island fort. Before you even reach the fort itself, you see vast bright green fields where tourists often sit and watch the ocean tide that captivates all who see it. You can also visit the El Morro lighthouse for a view of the entire island. In any case, the entire fort is a magnificent view for all who dare enter this mysterious and historically marvelous building. El Yunque El Yunque is a rainforest in San Juan, Peurto Rico that anyone who sees it would call a paradise on Earth. With its dazzling waterfalls, rolling hills, and exotic plant life, El Yunque should be listed as one of the Seven World Wonders. Whether visiting alone or taking a trip with the whole family, El Yunque is an inexpensive majesty that you’d be out of your mind to pass up. Cheap Food No matter where you’re vacationing at, you still gotta eat. While you may want to take your gal out to a fancy dinner, you have to remember that you’re on a budget. Just because you’re not a Rockefeller, though, doesn’t mean you can’t experience some good cuisine. The following are some inexpensive dining options that should quench your tastes and satisfy your wallet. Twin Brothers Sea Food & Steakhouse Twin Brothers Sea Food & Steakhouse is a great little restaurant in Nassau, Bahamas that offers both indoor and outdoor dining. The restaurant is only a five minute walk from Long Wharf Beach and offers great customer service. They have good meat, fresh fruit, and the daiquiris are world famous. Miss Sonjas! Miss Sonjas is reportedly the best food stand in Jamaica where the old lady Miss Sonja conducts business on the street side of Manly Boulevard. Just ask the locals – her patties are to-die for. Hopefully this article has given you some information that you were previously lacking and you can now set forth on your journey to the Caribbean and ejoy everything your vacation has to offer. I hope you have a wonderful trip and return home safely.