under armour introduced the first 3D printing 3D printing sneakers sports shoes but also early age under armour Major producers in UA sports wear uniforms inside tight underwear (such as wearing clothes in basketball and baseball dose) or shoulder pads (such as football or hockey shoulder pads), but otherwise UA also produces sweater, Common Tee, long pants and so on. Under Armour led the tight production, the trend in moisture-wicking material for the sports equipment. Subsequently, Nike (dri-fit pro series) and Reebok (NFL Equipment series) will follow suit. In June 2006, Under Armour issued a "Click-Clack" as the slogan of the brand soccer cleats. This highly successful company was founded in 1996, the founder is a former Maryland football star Kevin Plank. Tired of the painful feeling of complete body motion TEE cotton soaked in sweat, Kevin Plank developed an invention allows athletes to keep the body cool and light material prototype in strenuous exercise. Then he immediately persuaded the two to buy his equipment at the university football team hot climates cities: Georgia Tech (Atlanta, in hot and humid) sauna and Arizona State (in the desert near Phoenix Town). Then Atlanta Falcons NFL team also put on this brand of equipment. After that, select the number of equipment UA team increasing, which includes more than half of the 1-A football team NCAADivision. The company also made a lot of other sports equipment designs.

Under Armour's corporate headquarters in Baltimore. In 2003, the company started a "warrior" as the theme of the ad, their slogan is "We must protect this house" (the slogan still in use). In 2004, Under Armour for the Maryland Terrapins football team uniforms designed, and distributed to the team coach Ralph Friedgen-based advertising. November 18, 2005, UA's initial public offering. In the first day of trading, UA made history on top of the second highest first-day gain, the stock price of $ 13 from the opening to the closing of the fan fold 26 dollars. December 2005, UA announced Auburn University sports teams signed a five-year contract, from UA became the university sports team official outfitter. In March 2006, UA and Texas Tech University and the Southlake Carroll High School football team signed a similar contract. In August 2006, UA and Nike along with Reebok to become the NFL's three official shoe manufacturers. In February 2007, UA and MLB (Major League Baseball) of the chicago cubs Chicago Cubs agreed to allow UA Cubs placed ads on its home field on both sides of the door under armour outlet.

"This is the first time the Cubs allowed ad or any mark appears on the outfield door. Jay Blunk team marketing director, said many companies are in touch with them to place ads in matters relating to the site, he said, UA is the best choice." April 2007 , University of South Carolina and UA signed a six-year US $ 10.8 million worth of football equipment contracts. UA contract provisions become big South Carolina football team's official outfitters, UA is responsible for providing clothes, shirts and shoes. At the same time the team coach Steve Spurrier will likely become the brand ambassador.under armour shoes UA began this brand awareness overseas. They set up European headquarters in Amsterdam. Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have become their development objectives. In May 2007, at a recent shareholders meeting, CEO Kevin Plank announced a new marketing strategy: "Team Girl", they targeted the women's sports market. He also announced far in 2008 and sports shoes sector expansion plans. March 9, 2011, Under Armour and Tottenham signed a five-year, $ 50 million pound shirt contract. Starting from 2012-2013 season offers jackets, race suits and other professional sports equipment for the Tottenham first team and reserves.

underarmour has three series of brand sports equipment: Heat Gear thermal equipment series, Cold Gear cooling equipment series, Foot Wear sneakers series. Wherein Heatgear and Coldgear series equipment is brand UA revolutionary innovative fabrics designed specifically for the equipment at different temperatures, climate conditions, athletes in extreme environment still looks their best. Footwear sports shoes will be a lot of technological innovation, flexible chassis technology, four-dimensional air cushion technology is particularly prominent. HeatGear UA series equipment uses the brand's iconic breathable fabric that can quickly evaporate sweat, applicable to above 24 degrees Celsius, sports Movement in hot state, it is possible to keep the body dry and light. Thermal equipment Heat Gear challenge when record hot weather, in hot state, thermal equipment allows movement at all times to keep cool, play the best athletic state level.

UA Cold Gear Under Armour cold equipment using revolutionary new fabric design,cheap ua lightweight body, lightweight fabric makes no sense superfluous. coldgear cold equipment applicable to less than 12 degrees Celsius, movement under extreme cold weather conditions, the double fabric so that hot air circulation body, so outdoor sports more durable, excluding sweat and moisture, regulate body temperature, so somatosensory dry in extreme environments still show the best in the state. When the weather cold, Cold Gear lock cold equipment warm against the cold, allow movement of holding heat. Under Armour sports shoes Footwear, sportswear conquest capable of supporting a rigorous training and fierce competition. UA technology into unique Performance DNA Footwear designed to produce top sneakers, the perfect combination of cutting-edge performance and strong support force, no matter what kind of movement, it is sufficient to have the ability to confront any harsh conditions. UA sports shoes series slogan is "elite elite athletes need sports shoes," sneakers in technological innovation, Under Armour is indeed a great breakthrough, wherein the elastic chassis technology, two four-dimensional air cushion sneakers technological breakthroughs.